Corporate Profile

Company Name Innovative Technology Lab Co., Ltd.
Headquarters Hachobori MF Bldg. 1-2-9 Irifune, Chuou-ku
Tokyo 104-0042 Japan
TEL:+81 3 3537 2721 FAX:+81 3 3537 2720
Founded Apr 25th, 2001
Board of Directors Kohei Kusuro Founder
Katsumi Oinuma President
Tetsuo Kitamura Director
Mitsuhiro Hayashi Director
Setsuo Saruta Auditor
Capital \100million
  • Providing corporate customers with IT solutions specialized in business performance management field
  • IT consultations
  • System integrations for the Web based utilization and/or ERP implementation
  • Customer training for the data processing, hardware and software